Iwrestledabearonce - Ruining It For EverybodyI have a confession to make… I’m beyond redemption when it comes to off-beat and downright bizarre mash-ups of different musical styles. The Dillinger Escape Plan, Fantômas, Carnival In Coal and Unexpect, I simply can’t get enough of them. Iwrestledabearonce is my latest ear-candy when it comes to this specific field of music with their highly entertaining “Ruining It For Everybody”…

For me “Ruining It For Everybody” sounds like the perfect marriage of the eclectic insanity of The Dillinger Escape Plan and the theatrical elements of Unexpect. Combine this with a massive dose of well-placed electronic effects and the impressive vocal gymnastics by Krysta Cameron and you know you got quite an unique beast on your hands.

It doesn’t matter how talented and musical proficient a band may be, you don’t go anywhere without solid songwriting skills. This is something where Krysta Cameron and Co excel at. It doesn’t matter how technical, avant-garde or outlandish this album becomes, a good song is still at the base of it all. ‘Next Visible Decline’, ‘Deodorant Can’t Fix Ugly’, ‘Break It Down Camacho’ and ‘Karate Nipples’, are very fine examples of that. The excellent arrangements and Krysta Cameron’s impressive vocal set do the rest. One part angelic and three parts vitriol, is the best way to describe her style.

Production-wise there isn’t much to nag about on “Ruining It For Everybody”. The guitar parts are heavy and in-your-face, while the electronic and piano parts give the album a delicate Vaudevillian touch.

When you’re into cutting edge and experimental metal with a mental twist or two it doesn’t get much better than “Ruining It For Everybody” by Iwrestledabearonce. This album is certainly one of my musical highlights of this year. Recommended!

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