A big, distinctive and individual sound is something that should be appreciated and sought after in the recently washed up and constantly regurgitated rock scene of today. Describing their own style and sound as “powerful, cinematic and emotive”, Oswestry’s The Elijah are one band who are making sure they’re not approaching anything unless their full effort is being put into it, “We always try and write the absolute best music we can, and think about every single chord progression and melody in a song in detail” the band explained, “the name The Elijah represents energy and passion, which we feel is a great representation of our band.” Confessing that their local scene didn’t really cater for the genre and sound they developed only increased their first to make a name for themselves locally, which eventually would begin to spread across the nation.

Their recent EP ‘A Son: A Disease’, released in September, encaptures their vivid soundscapes magnificently, showcasing their blend of various genres and ideas, such as post-hardcore and ambient influences. “With having close to no money, we decided to just record it ourselves. This turned into a 6 month long process and a steep learning curve for us all” the band told us when talking about the EP, “Our make shift recording studio was literally whoever’s house was free for a decent period of time.” The band are also working on releasing their first music video lifted from the EP, which is currently in its final editing stages.

Along with a series of highly positive reviews following the release of the EP, The Elijah also managed to get themselves sorted with support slots for established acts like Martyr Defiled and Devil Sold His Soul, “We list Devil Sold His Soul as one of the main influences during our writing process, so to be able to support those guys was a great honour.” Despite the clear differences in genre and sound with Martyr Defiled too, The Elijah explained that some of their latest tour dates with them went much better than they’d expected, we were unsure as to how the crowds would take to us on that tour, but the shows were some of the best we’ve played, and the crowd response was incredible. They’re some of the nicest guys we’ve had the pleasure of touring with too.”

Following a success of their first ‘professional’ EP and some great tours, the band look set to continue their setting their future bright and strong with some festival appearances, and making some work on their full-length debut, “Writing a new full-length album is top of the list, as well as touring constantly still. We’re playing some great festivals: Crash Doubt festival in Lincoln with Deaf Havana and While She Sleeps, and Chaos On The Coast in July with Earthtone9.”

With the band going through four tour vans in the past three years, one of which was stolen and then blown-up, it seems only right that The Elijah see some rewards for all their efforts thus far. If their EP is anything to go by, once the full-length album drops things are going to almost literally explode for the Owestry-grown quintet. Watch this space.

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