Changing your band’s name, image and starting once again from square one is no easy task. Those who are up for it and are prepared to put the effort it may be greatly rewarded for their efforts however. Stoke-on-Trent’s Paper Tigers, who were formerly known as Rumour Has It, are one of such acts to take this path. “We truly weren’t happy with how things were sounding as a band and how we were coming across” explains vocalist Jim when asked about the name change, “so we decided to change pretty much everything and start afresh with a sound we felt more comfortable with, but also be a bit more adventurous and artistic with.”

But, is a name change really going to make things different for the young pop-rock outfit? Only time will tell, but Jim seems pretty certain that the band have indeed developed a new lease of life, and that Paper Tigers is a definitive step-up and evolution from their days as Rumour Has It, “We really want to push ourselves as Paper Tigers. I think the last 3 months have made us a tighter band than ever before, and our new material is definitely reflective of this. We are really starting to craft our own style.”

Since the announcement of their new name, things in camp Paper Tigers have been moving pretty quickly for the Midlands quintet, releasing three brand new demo tracks online for free download, all of which crafted from brand new ideas, and not from the original Rumour Has It bank. “After deciding on a name change, we dropped everything and started from square one.” Jim told us, “we didn’t want to regurgitate the same stuff as before, and so felt it would be best to just sit down, talk about where we want to be, and write into a style we feel more comfortable and creative in.”

On top of the new free songs, the Stoke boys also went ahead and shot a music video for one of the tracks, ‘Felt This Before’. Not only this, but in the video the guys managed to get Mellisa Clarke of FRONT/Loaded/FHM fame to get involved in the shoot, “the fact we had Mellisa to star in it still surprises me to this day, and she was such a pleasure to work with” professes Jim, “we had a great guy shooting it, Tom Cronin, and also some great friends who helped us out. We’re really happy with the way the video turned out, and hope it has given people a taste of what’s to come.”

The band haven’t hit the brakes quite yet though, and are already well on the way into working on their forthcoming debut EP. “We begin recording our debut EP down in Reading at Outhouse Studios (Enter Shikari, You Me At Six) in May” Jim tells us, “It’s going to be a 4-track EP that’s really going to define us as a band and our style. Our sound has certainly matured and our debut EP should be a real benchmark showing everyone just what we can do.”, showing that the band holds a great deal of confidence in their new upcoming material.

It’s only a few months since the birth of Paper Tigers, but it doesn’t look like they’re going to be torn asunder any time soon. Same members, different name, stronger sound. Look out for their debut EP in the next few months, and keep updated with the bands activity at their official Facebook page ( where they’ll be posting news songs, video diaries and other various updates.