After meeting up together at college and initially setting to be a backing band for frontman Kevin Walls and his original solo material, Glasgow’s MakethisRelate soon expanded into a fully-fledged alternative rock band, “After almost a year of gigging around Glasgow and getting to know each other’s style, we decided it was time to starting writing songs together and performing as a band rather than as part of my solo project” states Kevin. “We’d been reworking bits of my songs and we were each adding our own unique touch during the live shows, so when it came to writing our own stuff everything just fell into place and it was a really natural progression. One of the first songs we ever played was a mash up of ‘Killing In The Name’ by Rage Against The Machine, and the theme song from The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air television programme.”

Since their formation back in 2008, the Glaswegian quartet have managed to achieve quite a lot for themselves in such a short space of time. The band have currently got themselves two EPs under their belts, ‘Pick Your Side’ and ‘One More Second Chance’, have had supporting slots for the likes of Blitz Kids and Flood Of Red and most recently have been featured on this year’s Red Bull Bedroom Jam scheme.

The band have garnered some reasonable attention due to getting involved in this year’s Red Bull Bedroom Jam recently; a scheme which helps for unsigned bands to receive extra promotion with online videos and other promotion and exposure, and maybe even a spot performing at some of the biggest music festivals in the UK. After being suggested by their friends in Sacred Betrayal who got involved last year, MakethisRelate felt it was worth giving it a shot for themselves, “They got to play the live show and take part in the festivals last year, so we really wanted to take part after hearing about their experience. We uploaded our music video for ‘Stop. Look. Listen.’ when the competition opened, and we recently got through to the next stage thanks to our fans who put in some amount of work to get us there.”

Thankfully, the great and dedicated support of their fan base paid off greatly, and like their friends the year before them, the band got to perform a full set online live to thousands of Internet viewers, “Getting to play the live show was such a surreal experience, but it was an amazing one. It was our first time doing something of that scale, so we were a bit out of our depth, but we faced up to the challenge and we had a great time. The crew were amazing and really helped us get through the ins-and-outs of the day. It was definitely an experience that we’ll remember.”

MakethisRelate’s good tidings and news doesn’t stop there. The band have announced their first ever full UK headline tour for May, with which they’ll be taking out their Birmingham-based friends, Page 44. “It starts on May 10th. We’re getting to play a lot of places we’ve never played before, so we’re really excited about meeting new people and trying to win over some new fans.” On top of this, the Scottish 4-piece even have plans for a new single too “We’re really excited about the new single. Lyrically, we’re covering some new ground ‘cause this song has nothing to do with relationships or break-ups. We’re hoping to give it its live debut when we’re on tour.” With the recording of the follow-up to last year’s ‘One More Second Chance’ to follow soon after, the odds of MakethisRelate reaching higher and better places are definitely working in their favour.

You can catch MakethisRelate on tour in the UK this May. For full dates and to purchase tickets, please visit the band’s official website at