Naming your band after a track by an established and respected act in the scene has its downfalls. Despite how great of a name it may be, people are always going to make connections between the two, and maybe even go as far as writing you off as a wannabe replica, or even a tribute band. Named after a Cancer Bats track, Reading’s Golden Tanks suffer from that exact crutch, “People see our name and quickly jump to conclusions too quickly, but I guess we have to expect it” explains frontman Ben Sivyer, “A few of us are Cancer Bats fans, and we do take influence from them guys, but we’d like to think we’ve got our own sound.”

Describing their sound themselves as “fast, in-your-face rock and roll”, Golden Tanks believe they stand out aside their local peers due to them trying a little something different, stating that most of the underground Reading scene sticks with being a metal band, “We could have easily gone down that route” Ben tells us, “There are a lot of good metal bands, but not really anyone doing anything different. The scene is helped a lot by Ben at Bring The Noise Promotions, as he regularly puts on big shows and brings in some big acts to Reading.”

Doing something a little different seems to pay off sometimes then, at least it has done for Golden Tanks. The band released their eponymous EP at the start of December last year, and its many positive raving reviews have only further cemented the band’s confidence that things are going their way lately, “We got some really good reviews from respected magazines and websites, like Rock Sound and Punktastic, which we were really stoked about.” we were told by Ben, who also shared with us how fans have been taking their songs on board at their shows too, “People have started singing along to the tracks from the EP at some shows which is awesome, and I guess it means we’re doing something right.”

Now with things all working in their favour at the moment, it makes sense and is only sensible to keep the momentum going for as long as they can, “we’ve got a bit of a break before we head of on tour with Evita and Giants in July. We’re gonna use the time off to lock ourselves away in a rehearsal room and start writing for our first album.” says Ben, “We’ve wanted to do a video for ‘Midas Touch’ for a while, and hopefully we should be putting one together during the summer. We just want to tour as much as we possibly can.”

Hopefully Golden Tanks will be touring and turning heads in the process of it all. That is, of course, if there rock star antics don’t take them down along the way. Their bassist Ryan Wilson has already broken his shoulder on their last tour, leaving him to spend the remaining dates in hospital, “We caught it on video, so maybe we can get £250 for it?”. It’s good to see they look at the best of a bad situation.

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