When forming a band that you hope to be successful, it’s always a good idea to make sure the members you’re going to playing with are all your best friends. Wolverhampton hardcore outfit Fallacies have taken this idea on board themselves, initiating the band at the beginning from meeting in the city for drinks on the weekends. Formed from the ashes of some of their past bands that had come to fail and disband, their ideas for what they wanted in their old musical outlets become encompassed together for Fallacies, “We’ve all been playing music together from a young age, in different bands and side projects” explains the band, “It only felt right to start a band all together as we all felt comfortable making and playing music together. The good thing about coming from other bands is that we had so many ideas in our minds for what we wanted to sound like.”

So, after their formation in 2009, the Wolverhampton quintet worked quickly on getting their name out there in the West Midlands music scene, and got a demo recorded to start getting a few shows on the go. Not satisfied with just the one track on offer, Fallacies soon got to work on their debut EP, ‘Searching For Conviction’, which they self-released last September. “We just wanted to put a proper release out there, and have a physical copy that we could look at and feel proud of” guitarist James told us, “That EP gave us the chance to play more out of widespread and out of the West Midlands, got us on bigger shows and got our name about more.” That it did, with the band recently scoring a support slot for established ambient metal act Devil Sold His Soul along with other similar respected acts, “We’ve been lucky enough to support some of our favourite bands, such as Defeater, Gallows, The Ghost Inside and more. Sharing the stage with the bands that you listen to while you’re at home, on the way to college or whenever is a little bit surreal.”

Clearly the West Midland boys must be doing something right, especially with the ‘Searching For Conviction’ EP receiving a bunch of positive reviews across the board. The journey hasn’t been entirely easy for the group though, who’ve confessed that like any other band they’ve faced their share of bad times along with the good, “Don’t get us wrong, we do this band because we love it, we love making music together and just hanging out as best friends, but we’ve tried to push it really hard at some points” they explained, “We’ve been let down by a lot of people, lost out on a lot of things, seen a lot of tours fall through etc., but we still try and push the band further and further.”

With the band now focusing on their debut full-length follow-up release, they’re hoping that things are only going to get bigger and better for them, “We’ve been doing loads of writing and getting loads of ideas together.” the band professes, “We’re really stoked to have something new to put out, as we’re really proud of what we have for it so far. We start to record it at end of May in Southampton.”

When asked how the new release is going to be a step-up from ‘Searching For Conviction’, Fallacies replied by saying “We’re going all out on this next release, not holding back at all, and trying to give the listener something more than just the music.” What exactly they’ll have in store for us, only time will tell. If they walk the walk like they’ve talked the talk, it’s going to be something pretty special.

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