Insomnium - One For SorrowFor some reason Finnish bands have a penchant for melancholic music. Bands like Omnium Gatherum and Ghost Brigade managed to rock my world this year and the last album by Amorphis was a rock solid release as well. The latest Finnish contribution comes from the guys of Insomnium and their latest album “One For Sorrow”. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Ghost Brigade and Omnium Gatherum are good reference points to describe the plethora of different styles displayed on “One For Sorrow”. Isis-styled postcore, melodic death metal, progressive rock, doom metal and even some hints of folk music, it’s all there for everyone to see and hear. All these different styled are skilfully hold together by Insomnium‘s immaculate sense for melancholy, a trait shared by some of Finland’s finest bands.

Diversity is the name of the game on “One For Sorrow”, but these guys also manages to capture all these styles in some soul-stirring songs, like ‘Inertia’, ‘Through The Shadows’, ‘Song Of The Blackest Bird’ and ‘Lay The Ghost To Rest’. The combination of growled and clean vocals gives the album a gritty dynamic edge. ‘Unsung’, ‘Decoherence’ and the title track ‘One For Sorrow’ are further great examples of the musical prowess of this band.

Production-wise “One For Sorrow” is blessed with a warm, yet somewhat gritty sound. This enhances the overall melancholic atmosphere, but it also gives the material some additional bite.

“One For Sorrow” is Insomnium’s most diverse and dynamic album to date. This is atmospheric and melancholic metal at its very best. This release will probably be in my year end ‘Top list’, together with Ghost Brigade’s “Until Fear No Longer Defines Us”. Highly recommended!

One For Sorrow European Tour 2011
04.11.11 Finland Joensuu @ Kerubi
05.11.11 Finland Helsinki @ Nosturi
14.11.11 Holland Rotterdam @ Baroeg
15.11.11 UK London @ Underworld
16.11.11 Belgium Antwerpen @ Trix
17.11.11 Switzerland Aarau @ Kiff
18.11.11 Slovenia Ljubljana @ Gala Hala
19.11.11 Austria Arena @ Wien
20.11.11 Czech Rep Prague @ Exit Chmelnice
21.11.11 Germany München @ Feierwerk
22.11.11 Germany Würzburg @ Posthalle
23.11.11 Germany Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof
24.11.11 Germany Leipzig @ Conne Island
25.11.11 Germany Hamburg @ Markthalle Marx
26.11.11 Germany Essen @ Turock
27.11.11 Germany Berlin @ Comet

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