Immanifest - QliphoticImmanifest is a six piece symphonic death metal group out of Tampa, FL formed around 2008. “Qliphotic” is their first release of material as Immanifest and although it is a 3-track EP it is packed with big sounds and well composed music. The word qliphotic appears to be a a variation of the words representing evil in Jewish mysticism. All in all a creative title for a death metal band but can this word play creativity translate in their music?

Most assuredly it does translate and translate very well. Getting only a three song glimpse of the band this is enough to wet our appetites for more. The EP opens on large string arrangements with ‘Revelations of Darkness’ which quickly morphs into a brutal sound rich with the blackest of chords, wonderful death metal vocal intonation and precise yet furious drumming. The mood is dark and brooding and the performance of all six is polished and in perfect time.

The two remaining tracks ‘Thaumiel’ and ‘Among the Dead’ march quickly and are fully packed with big sounds, frenzied guitars, both melodic and growl vocals and give the listener a real treat. It is difficult to comprehend that this is the first release from the band. The polish and emotion packed in these three songs is something you would expect from a band seasoned with releases. Each of these arrangements is perfectly executed in the darkest of places with no one member standing out but rather complimenting each other to give a sound of epic proportions.

This is a must listen for fans of symphonic death metal and for all metal fans. It is amazing to see such a performance for a band that is so young in their career. This short EP certainly leaves this reviewer wondering when and where the full the length release will come. Immanifest may just be the new face of American symphonic death metal!

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