From supporting the likes of Skindred, (Hed) P.E., Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats, and Bring Me The Horizon over the past few years and the independent release of their  ‘Sideshow’ EP, Exeter’s Idiom have quietly collected growing praise and mounting fans. I say quietly but there is nothing lacking in noise or aggression with their new EP “We Can’t All Be Superheroes…”. Renowned for their full out attack stage shows they have with the new release got much closer to bringing that intensity to their recordings and have made an album that has more answers than questions.

Idiom have absorbed and brought to their music many flavours from melodic and old school rock to nu-metal and rap metal, which they convert into a sound that though at times sounds quite similar to other bands, yet still has a refreshing and compulsive attraction that easily holds the listener. “We Can’t All Be Superheroes…” consists of 6 solid and at times exceptional tracks which flow upon driving riffs, intelligent melodies, and engaging ideas. The two tracks that stood out for me and sealing my thoughts on the release were title track ‘We Can’t All Be Superheroes’ and ‘Placebo’.

The first track is a blend of crazed aggression and gentle melodic vocals that flow to and fro and though it has maybe an almost indie feel at times, reminding me of early Incubus. The track cruises along as it delivers a great, anthem like chant and instant satisfaction. ‘Placebo’ is a heavier and more of a metal fusion with a vocal attack at times from the Rage Against The Machine hymn book and at others hearty Dez Fafara growls. Idiom vocalist Matt Sharland can deliver both ranges freely as well as a smooth melodic vocal showing a versatility that is rare these days.

Placebo’ is also probably the hardest track on show on the album it shows the band at their best and their ability to cross sub genres to forge their sound. The drums and bass of Dan Harrison and Grant Knight respectively give the tracks a steel that is a great contrast to the more melodic combinations of Kris Gibbs with his guitar and Sharland’s vocals. Knight’s bass is a meaty and threatening delight throughout the release and allows the tracks to expand without losing the core heavy vibe.

On tracks like ‘Something Perfect’ and the single, ‘True Story’ there is more of a lighter approach, though still bringing the metal edge to proceedings, giving a familiar feel that bands like Sick Puppies are known for, though they have never managed to achieve the menace that Idiom have to their sound.

Produced by Mikee Goodman, former frontman in Sikth, “We Can’t All Be Superheroes…” is a free flowing and satisfying  collection of metal sounds and creative tunes and though maybe there are more than a few seemingly recognisable hooks and riffs it only adds to an enjoyable and vibrant release.

We will be hearing more of Idiom of that I have no doubt I just hope it is sooner than later. ‘We Can’t All Be Superheroes’ is available on Undergroove Records.

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