Hull - Sole Lord“Sole Lord” is the debut album by North American post metal quintet Hull. But the term ‘post metal’ only slightly hints at what this band is able of.

The speciality of this album is that the band combines many genres, ranging from slow doom metal to faster metal, psychedelic rock, folk and even jazz at times. But I don’t call this music progressive as this doesn’t seem to be the band’s approach. The music is very down-to-earth and honest without gimmicks – pure music, so to speak. Still, all of this makes it very interesting with the addition that all song ideas are very well elaborated. Although the music is split into ten tracks they all seem to be one song and sometimes the transitions aren’t even noticeable. That is a quality characteristic in my opinion.

The band’s skills are also good although there is a certain rawness which is partly caused by the quite rough production. The album doesn’t have a bad sound but it could be better and clearer instead of being rather dull sometimes. On the other hand this suits to the band’s great power, strangely enough. Only the growled vocals are a weak point as they sound a bit amateurish and too rough for the music.

But in the end Hull’s “Sole Lord” is a strong debut album with a lot of creativity. The few things that could be improved don’t narrow the album’s good quality after all.

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