Hull - Beyond The Lightless SkyFollowing on from their well-received debut album “Sole Lord,” North American metal quintet Hull are back with “Beyond The Lightless Sky”. Let’s see what their new songs are all about.

Serving a nearly 12-minute-long song as the opening track shows that Hull know what they want. The fast beginning of ‘Earth From Water’ turns into classic doom metal and really shows all strengths of this band, even with the production still being as rough as on their debut album. But this song’s heaviness is what makes metal so special.

Moving on, most of this album’s tracks are faster songs with very good breakdowns mixed in with great riffs. The title track is one of the best pieces on here, although all of songs keep to a consistent level of quality. As usual, shouts try to come through but the distorted guitars create such a wall of sound that vocals actually aren’t all that necessary, in my opinion.

The interesting thing about this album is that the band heads into stoner rock sometimes, with such tracks as ‘Just A Trace Of Early Dawn’ and ‘Curling Winds’. It also seems as if there is a new psychedelic touch too. Moreover, the guitar-driven, rough sound of all of the songs reminds me of bands such as Kyuss.

Nevertheless, Hull have developed their style with their second album, “Beyond The Lightless Sky,” even further. The production still needs to get better but in terms of the songs everything’s fine there.

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