Coming out of London and Kent there is a new whirlwind of sound destined to excite, disrupt and reorder many playlists over the coming months. Houdini do not simply write good rock music but create eager irrepressible songs that have already decided you will like them before your ears even get the chance to make an opinion.

Their sound lies somewhere around the indie rock playground but as with all the truly original bands it has no real easy classification. Imagine a hybrid formed from the indie melodies of Baddies, the instinctive quirkiness and urgency of Engerica, and the hard direct power of Zico Chain and you will get as close to knowing how they swing without actually hearing them for yourselves.

Their new “Deadlines EP” comprises of four cracking tunes that surprise, satisfy, and shake one out of any complacency in regard to thoughts on music.

Already having received a fair amount of enthused praise for previous two singles ‘What A Fire’ and ‘Smokers Cough’ the trio have raised the bar with the new EP, improving their attacking and seemingly unstable creative tunes; unstable as in bringing in diversions and taking unexpected detours within each track but always in control and with a firm grip on the direction and outcome. ‘Deadlines’ opens the fun with a throbbing, growling bass riff that invites and drags the listener in, holding them firm as the excellent guitar hook kicks in, once the two are belting out together all resistance is gone.

What is revealed through the quartet of tracks on the EP is that the aces that combine together to make up Houdini leave none of their skills hidden up their sleeves. Giles Barrett delivers creative riffs with his bass that groan and resonate with attitude, never possible to ignore and alongside the driving and forceful drums of Tom Bonner are the lynchpin of every track, enabling the guitar and ideas to play.  An expressive guitarist, Greg Webster doesn’t submit to the need for self-indulgence and the tasty punk edge to his play he incorporates, as on the great crashing choppy chords in ‘El Hombre Invisible’, bring an important edge to the music. Vocally his style reflects the music with his semi shouty delivery and its sense of endearing desperation; backed up by the other two on backing harmonies, it all works a treat.

Sleepdriving’  is a great slice of indie rock, full of scuzzy metal riffs and drive but it is the ending that sticks in the memory even more with the way it reluctantly and grudgingly comes to a close, lingering as long as possible before stroppily making way for final track ‘Come Closer’. Enjoyably frantic, the last gem plays like a runaway garage pop tune barely under control but entirely better for its freedom.

The Deadlines EP is simply something to wantonly devour and enjoy, crying out to be noticed and shared by as many as possible, something which seems very likely. For something new that is not afraid to take a risk and be adventurous look no further than Houdini, like their name suggests, daring escapism a speciality. “Deadlines” is available now on Haircuts Records, for more check out the Houdini website.