Hemoptysis - Misanthropic SlaughterHemoptysis is a four member band out of Phoenix Arizona. “Misanthropic Slaughter” is the freshman release from the desert quartet venturing into the world of thrash metal which many regard as a dead or dying genre of metal. Coughing up blood and thrash metal, is the world ready for such a pairing?

The world at large may not be ready but the metal heads are! No one seems to have told this foursome from Arizona that at best thrash metal was on life support system and for that we can all be thankful. Hemoptysis lets loose with a full assault of thrash in all its wondrous glory. This entire release is packed full end to end with face melting solos, pounding beats, and chest ripping riffs. It is a glorious celebration of thrash! There was Schenker, Jabs, Tipton, Downing, and now Miller. The way that Ryan Miller adds his blistering fret work reminds me of the old masters.

“Misanthropic Slaughter” opens with the title track, and a few riffs in one realizes that this will be a head banging release front to back. Moving into the second track, ‘Hopeless’, the opening chords and drums put on a creative show for the audience. Well timed and perfectly accenting each other, these four lads have found the key to great composition. The vocals of Murashita keep perfect time and add the right amount of vitriolic strain to keep the soul of the song moving through each bar and chorus.

The songs ‘MOD’ and ‘Blood Storm’ may on the surface appear to be very guitar driven songs as the guitar seems to take center stage. A deeper listen reveals that this is not the case at all. Maybe in the front but certainly not center stage, the drum and bass work while not as prominent in the mix, nonetheless and they provide an aggressive compliment to Miller and Murashita. It is the creative mix of all four members that is the real spark of this band!

Hemoptysis stands along side some more of the memorable releases of late like Switchtense and Havok celebrating the pure metal beauty that is thrash. The heart of the matter is this, if music is good its good and this is damn good. Genre always seem to be some judgement factor for music but when talent and composition all come together who really cares where it lands let’s just listen and listen loud. Hemoptysis have hit their stride with “Misanthropic Slaughter” and if you thought thrash was done and gone give these boys a listen they will go a long way to change your mind!

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