Heavy Spacehero - LegacyHeavy Spacehero is the solo project of mysterious Finn Olli S. “Legacy” is the 2nd three-track EP he has released so far this year. Both this and previous release “Enigma” seem to have been born when Olli was cut off from the world after a particularly bad freeze (-28 degrees) in Oulu, the town in Northern Finland where he resides. So whilst he was isolated, he got himself some wine and started writing some music, and these EP’s have come from these recordings.

The three songs on this release are all between eight and nine minutes long, so at just under 25 minutes long it has quite an epic feel to it, but it is well worth spending the time to take it all in. Opening track ‘All Songs Have Been Sung’ sets the tone with a very ambient feel, very calming single repeated riff but other sounds coming into it. ‘Do You Think They’ll Forgive Us’ follows the same simple but effective pattern, with some added vocal samples.

There is a very minimal feel with the bass guitar and drums being the only instruments that appears consistently with other noises and instruments appearing sporadically throughout. Only the final three minutes of EP closer ‘To Change Requires A Change’ does it let loose and turn up the volume.

I enjoyed Heavy Spacehero a lot, the echoing effect really does enhance the isolated feel of “Legacy”, making it sound as though it was recorded by someone alone in an aircraft hangar. The range of sounds Olli was able to produce using only his bass guitar is astounding, proving that great music can be made with minimal instruments. Perfect music for those moments when you just need to relax and get away from everything.

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