HateSphere - The Great BludgeoningSometimes people whinge that metal is dead or that there is no good music out there. They just don’t know where to look. HateSphere blasted out of Denmark about ten years ago and is finally making a splash in the United States. Boy, the USA have missed out on some crushing hard driving heavy metal. “The Great Bludgeoning” was released on Napalm Records and is HateSphere‘s seventh album and it delivers circle pit intensity from start to finish.

‘Venom‘ is one of the stand out tracks. It begins innocuously enough with a well composed almost classical guitar opening. The listener is lulled into the melodic nature and about 90 seconds in you are smacked upside the head with the most intense and fierce wall of sound. Jakob Nyholm and Pepe Hansen are monsters on the guitar. ‘Need to Kill’ is a prime example of this. They have an old school thrash vibe. Their playing is aggressive and demanding. Mike Park‘s drumming weaves through ‘Need to Kill’ providing a deeper layer harmony. This song makes you get up and circle pit around your living room.

‘Smell of Death’ is a bit evil sludge, metal mayhem, with a few Eastern European guitar flourishes and the vocals are just plain evil! ‘Resurrected With a Vengeance’ is also pure music evil. Esse Hansen is just a fantabulous vocalist, that is able to spew decaying darkness from his lips. The song is sludgy and sits just behind the beat. It has a type of “low rider” feel to it. Again, Mike’s drumming is just jaw-dropping.

“The Great Bludgeoning” is an expression of hellish despondency set to a psychotic musical accompaniment. The arrangements on “The Great Bludgeoning” are the blue print for how to write top class metal/thrash songs. If you aren’t up and thrashing about your living room before this disk has ended, you most surely are dead or dying. The tunes are meant for head banging and moshing and general merry making.

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