Golden Tanks - Golden Tanks EPAll of you Cancer Bats fans out there should be able to recognise that Golden Tanks is also the name of one of the band’s songs. How predictable it is then that the band of that name would sound much like an almost complete carbon copy imitation of Cancer Bats, and not in a bad way either.

Most of the time when a band heavily recreates another band, it comes across as more of an effort to try and gain recognition and attention off their peers’ success and popularity, but in a few cases, such as Golden Tanks’, the band manage to pull it off without ripping off or cheapening their colleagues efforts, making something more of their own. ‘Mace’ just reeks of the classic Cancer Bats formula, and you wouldn’t be classed as fool to think on listen that ‘The Flag’ was just a discarded b-side by the Canadian hardcore punk group.

Admittedly, the Reading force aren’t making anything new at all here, but they’re keeping the name and sound of their obvious influence intact. Any fans of Cancer Bats will undoubtedly become instant fans of Golden Tanks, and those of you who haven’t listened to either won’t go wrong at starting with these.

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