Gold Kids - Ode To Youth EPThey say that confession is good for the soul, so I should ‘fess up right now. I don’t actually like hardcore. There. I’ve said it. Nope, not really my cup of Jägermeister. It was, therefore, with some nervous trepidation that I came across the Gold Kids “Ode to Youth” EP. I was a bit worried to be honest- would I be able to put my prejudices to one side and give it a fair hearing? Life is too short to waste time with stuff you don’t like, however open-minded you think you are.

It was, and is, something of a “time to eat humble pie” moment. Not only is the Gold Kids EP something of a “corker” but it’s probably one of those moments when I should probably rethink my “I don’t like hardcore” teenage style moodiness.

Opening track “mors semper certa est” has a brooding, unsettling menace running through its hardcore veins: it’s dirty, passionate and brutal. “On her Wings” is a pile-driving dynamic of a song with off beam guitar parts duelling with a ferocious and insatiable vocal that punches and pummels the listener into submission across its four uneasy minutes. ” Nine Circles” drops the tempo but loses none of the ferocity: on the contrary, it extends it and twists it- not out of all recognition but through a variety of shapes and tones that leave you pretty breathless. Final track on this caustic and claustrophobic EP is the haunting “Growing Pains”. A harrowing vocal that is relentless in its dreariness (but in a good way) drives a mid tempo track that The Dillinger Escape Plan would doff a proverbial cap to and which rounds off twenty cracking minutes in not inconsiderable style.

And there we, and indeed, you, have it. Four tracks: four brutal and unrelenting slabs of punk rock that shout “we’re the ones to watch”. You probably already are.They say that confession is good for the soul. So is changing your mind. Great stuff.

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