The powerhouse line-up on the Bohemia Stage continued with mighty French progressive metallers Gojira, yet another band that got us excited at TINAS Towers when they were announced for Sonisphere. Renowned for their powerful performances, this was one show that we were NOT going to miss…

With our vantage point already claimed after the mind-blowing Ginger Wildheart set, we could see the queues outside the tent stretching back as far as we could see. Within minutes the tent was full with Gojira fans waiting for the French behemoths to take to the stage, including an inflatable whale!

The opening notes of ‘Ocean Planet’ set things off, the crowd responding on cue by screaming and raising their arms in the air, and the inflatables whale’s journey began… As the track exploded so did the crowd, the whale surfing over the crowd’s heads, soon to be joined by more than a few humans! Which was pretty apt as the second track kicked in… ‘Flying Whales’!

One of the most powerful performances of the weekend, without a doubt, Gojira lived up to all expectations. There was a nice touch at the end of the set when the inflatable whale made it all the way to the stage and was picked up by Joe Duplantier, raised aloft and then thrown back to the crowd!

Gojira setlist:
Ocean Planet
Flying Whales
The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
A Sight to Behold

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal