One of the best sets of the day for me was always going to be Godflesh, and when Justin Broadrick and GC Green took to the stage, it wasn’t going to be anything other than spectacular. The sheer noise the two of them produced with just a drum machine backing them outdid almost every other band on the bill for pure heaviness. With the familiar videos going on in the background throughout their set, it was almost like being thrown back a couple of decades to the height of their powers.

Ten tracks, each as powerful as the last. It is hard to pick a definitive high point from such a strong show, but ‘Christbait Rising’, ‘Mothra’ and closer ‘Crush My Soul’ were the songs I really wanted to hear them play, and they were every bit as heavy as I remember.  Being placed in-between Evile and Devin Townsend (who Godflesh supported last time I saw them), they had to be on top form and they didn’t disappoint.

The packed crowd enjoyed every skull-splitting minute of the set, with the volume apparently as far as it could get without ever being to the detriment of the sound. For the time they played they had everyone’s attention, and gave a damn good reason why they are one of the finest bands to grace the industrial scene, and the day they bring out the album that Justin Broadrick has mentioned in some interviews can’t come soon enough.

Godflesh setlist:
Like Rats
Christbait Rising
Tiny Tears
Avalanche Master Song
Dead Head
Crush My Soul

Photos by Sabrina Ramdoyal