Ginger Wildheart got called into the Sonisphere mélee at the last minute to replace One Minutes Silence on the Bohemia Stage. As ever, he does what he does best and plays to his strengths, and with a huge bounce-tastic Wildhearts based set, he and his friends proved to be the best Sonisphere Super Sub ever.

Judging by the response Ginger gets, the corpse painted Wildhearts frontman could easily be the Bohemia headliner. As he launches into ‘I Wanna Go Where The People Go’ the place erupts, seriously threatening to raise the roof. Six Wildhearts tracks in succession are pounded out including ‘TV Tan’ and extreme crowd pleaser ‘My Baby Is A Headfuck’, before the Wildhearts stream is interrupted briefly for the Silver Ginger 5 track ‘Sonic Shake’.

The rammed Bohemia Stage faithful lap up everything Ginger throws at them. TINAS fave ‘Suckerpunch’ is an exocet missile hurtled into our midst, and adding Leila Khan (Sonic Boom Six) and Dave McPherson (InMe) for set closer ’29x The Pain’ is superb. This was a real gem of a set, essentially it was The Wildhearts being played by Ginger and friends not normally in The Wildhearts… and it was bloody good… severely leaving the crowd wanting more. 40 Minutes was not enough!

Ginger Setlist:
I Wanna Go Where The People Go
Vanilla Radio
Mazel Tov Cocktail
TV Tan
My Baby Is A Headfuck
The Revolution Will Be Televised
Sonic Shake
29x The Pain