Steve Fallows recently put a few questions to The Wildhearts former  front-man Ginger. They talked about the new album “The Frankenstein Effect”, working with Michael Monroe and what the future holds.

You seem to have approached this album and everything surrounding it in a very different way. Can you explain the idea behind your new album ‘The Frankenstein Effect’?

I originally wanted to record something very heavy since The Wildhearts weren’t doing anything and I’d just got done with the Michael Monroe album. At the start there were so many things going wrong for this album that I had considered walking away and forgetting the whole idea. Once I dug my feet in and refused to let go it started to shape itself into something very cool indeed. I guess that’s the reward for the real tryers of the world.

How did the recording compare with other albums you have worked on. It sounded quite eventful according to your posts on twitter?

Sonically it couldn’t be more different to the other solo based stuff I’ve done. It’s very much a Wildhearts vibe, only much heavier. The great thing about the Metal community is that they’re up for anything. I really got the feeling that the heavy metal guys involved in this thing were truly into music for the sake of music. Not one metal guy even mentioned money.

Does having so many people involved prohibit any touring ideas?

Yes, it does. I wouldn’t be able to tour this in the way that I want it presented. It will be performed at one off special shows, and no more than a handful of gigs in total.

You always seem to be keeping yourself busy and on with something. Have you any idea how many albums you have appeared on?

I have absolutely no idea. I couldn’t even start counting. Many.

You have recently been writing, recording and touring with Michael Monroe. Is their any difference being part of someone else’s band rather than your own? Have you missed being the frontman at all?

The lack of responsibility is refreshing, and not having to do interviews and photos all day, every day, is great. I do miss interacting with the audience, and being surrounded by people talking in a foreign language can get pretty lonely, but for the most part being a sideman is great.

With such a varied and prolific career, is there any song or album out of everything you have been involved with that particularly stands out above all others for you and you are really proud of writing?

No, I’m really not that precious about songs I write. As soon as they’re finished and recorded they become public property and I’m onto writing the next batch of songs. They all mean something while I’m writing them, they have to otherwise i wouldn’t be able to finish them.

Is there any of your previous projects you would like to revisit sometime?

SuperShit 666

You said on your recent tour that people “Won’t be hearing from the Wildhearts for quite a while”. Is this still the case?

We hope to get together for a benefit show sometime soon.

What is next for you after your upcoming acoustic tour?

I would like to record all the songs I have lying around. Currently I have enough for a triple album.