Funeral For A Friend - Welcome Home ArmageddonScreamo. Isn’t that just the dumbest genre name? Possibly fairly accurate in many cases, but dumb nonetheless. Many screamo bands have been fairly forgettable but Funeral For A Friend have mostly managed to just stay on the right side of interesting and “Welcome Home Armageddon”, the band’s fifth album, doesn’t disappoint.

Admittedly, it doesn’t blow your head off with brilliance but its a good, solid effort. ‘This Side of Brightness’ starts things off in gentle fashion and then ‘Old Hymns’ is a good mix of old and new Funeral For A Friend. Third track ‘Front Row Seats to the End of the World’ is the first to feature yelping. I guess having two contrasting singing styles adds another bow to the band’s armoury but to be honest I quite like Matt Davies‘ voice so I would be quite happy if he sang properly all the time. But that’s just me. Also, if he stopped screaming then they wouldn’t be a screamo band, would they? Which begs the question, do they use the screeching just to appease and retain those fans who genuinely love screamo?

But I digress.

The next few tracks stomp along agreeably enough and I find myself in a situation where I’m enjoying the album but finding it hard to write anything original or informative enough to convey that enjoyment.

I think Funeral For A Friend are writing better songs generally although I still think nothing has really topped ‘Juneau’. In contrast to a lot of fans I didn’t much like “Hours”, the second album, and I’m quite sure this new one is stronger in all areas.

Perhaps the fact that this review is causing me such grief is an indication that Funeral For A Friend are still striving, still searching for the path they want to take, the metal band they want to be, and for that they should be applauded. Nothing worse than a band sitting back on their laurels.

“Welcome Home Armageddon” has enough hooks to sing/shout along to, enough up tempo stuff to keep you shaking your dandruff onto the floor and is a worthy addition to the Funeral For A Friend canon.

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