Fortune Favours The Brave - Between The Bullets And The Bloodstains“Between The Bullets and the Bloodstains” is the debut album from the Essex based quartet, Fortune Favours The Brave, who cite Killswitch Engage, Darkest Hour and Sikth as their main influences.

Opening the album is ‘Declare’, an instrumental intro with strings and Jamie Tritton’s drums emerging from a background of thunderous rainfall and gunfire, a good slow building tune to ease you into the album. Then ‘Call Of Duty’ starts off with some nice guitar harmonies courtesy of Tom Turner and Adam Aldridge, and these are found throughout the album.

‘Conflict’ features a gramophone recording slowly dying out. Track 3 seems a strange place for this as after the intro, there is only one song, and this unfortunately gives the album a bit of a stop / start beginning. ‘All Lives Are Born Free’ and ‘Between The Bullets And The Bloodstains’ are both decent songs and show that this band are capable songwriters. ‘Forever Means Forever’ and ‘Lost Within The Darkness’ feature more of the duel guitar work and shows vocalist Will Sparling’s range, utilizing a more guttural vocal delivery as well as his usual more hardcore based sound.

‘Resolve’ is an acoustic instrumental interlude, and just as with ‘Conflict’ earlier on the album, there is nothing wrong with it, is a good piece of music but on such a short release.  The album closes with ‘Shattered And Broken’ and ‘Hero’ and, especially on a first listen, the album seems to be over just as you are getting a good sense of the band and what they have to offer.

There is big love of old school metal with this band, as well as a more modern down tuned sound and you can hear the influence of Sikth, although FFTB are not quite as adventurous as the much missed Hertfordshire band. The time changes and different styles that they employ show they aren’t afraid to experiment and mix things up a little, which can never be a bad thing. They are all technically good musicians and when it all comes together such as on ‘All Lives Are Born Free’ and the title track they definitely sound like a band with a lot of potential.

My main problem with the album is that at 31 minutes it is quite short, and the two shorter tracks aren’t really needed as the album doesn’t really need to be broken up. Had this been released as a couple of separate EP’s then it would have it may have flowed better, but this is definitely a decent enough start.

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