Forever Never - I Can't Believe It's Not MetalForever Never, the Essex based band who have made their mark on the British metal scene with their brand of metal and touring with the likes of StoneSour and Panic Cell.  This time they have decided to delve into the murky realms of some rocket fuelled cheese. As we’ve previously discussed, with the review of Panic Cell’s single Crazy, making covers is dangerous business in the music world.  They can be either something epic or something dire and to be forgotten.  Let’s see how they’ve done.

The EP kicks off with a cover of John Farnham‘s huge 80s anthem “You’re The Voice”… the only problem is that it is more of a carbon copy of the original.  Albeit fuelled with a bit more guitar work, they could have done so much more as they don’t really leave the confines of the original.  Although, in saying that, we should give a big hand to Renny Carroll for doing a very creditable John Farnham.

Next was  a cover of “Who Is It?”, quite a bit heavier than the original, more drums with distorted guitar riffs but they don’t seem to really get into it until late into the track.  Which is a shame, again we saw a lot of potential in this track.  Carroll even manages to get some of the trademark Michael Jackson sounds in there.

Now a rock cover of a … rock song, an epic one at that, Whitesnake’s “Still Of The Night”.  Really?  This is edging on the realms of pub tribute acts?  This one probably should have been left alone!

Then we have Shaggy’s “Mr. Boombastic”, an awful song to begin with, but with the unmistakable sound of Benji Webbe from Skindred answering the question: what would have made the original great?!  Carroll and Webbe work brilliantly together in this rocked up rendition of a 90s school disco annoyance.  This is definitely the highlight of the EP.

Next up was Go West’s “We Close Our Eyes” (Sophisti-pop apparently), straight away a completely different tone to the music.  Harsher riffs, drums and more importantly the electro-pop stuff put in the background!  Carroll’s clean vocals really compliment this era of music.

Finally we have Seal’s “Future Love Paradise”, this is a song in which, we think, they couldn’t really do much with: being a ballad of sorts.  They do heat it up a bit with faster drums and fills, and it is heavier but yet again nothing special, it is still rather similar to the original.

Throughout the EP, we weren’t sure whether this was meant to serious or a complete piss take.  If they were having a laugh they really should have pushed the boundaries like Panic Cell’s “Crazy” and made it less like plagiarism!  Despite that, treating them as covers, no more, no less, they are quite good and as we’ve said Carroll’s voice does work well with the songs they have chosen.

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