Five Finger Death Punch - American Capitalist“American Capitalist,” the third and new album from the mighty metallers Five Finger Death Punch is all you expected it to be, a monster release rippling with the trademark 5FDP sound; angry, aggressive and with the intensity the world buckled under with their previous releases. The band has returned with what they do best, delivering muscular riffs, attacks with direct and striking intent, and assaults on the senses with enough power to bring down buildings.

If you are looking for anything dramatically new or ground breaking from the L.A. crew then move on as “American Capitalist” in no form ventures more than a few steps from previous albums but when the sounds being thrust into the ear from eleven tracks are this good it really is not an issue. To be honest going into the album there was a hope of something dynamically different to the sound, a new direction or adventure being investigated. There is none but the chance of disappointment was never a possibility from the first track through to the last. Weird though it sounds for an album that has no surprises and borders on being predictable it is one stunning release to devour and feed from.

“American Capitalist is more varied than the previous “The Way Of The Fist” and “War Is The Answer, taking the elements that made them metal landmarks and honing them into a firmer and more rounded album, metal attacks and hard rock melodies lying side by side easily. Ivan Moody is as impressive as ever, each song graced with his usual smartly blended harmonies and venomous growls, and drummer Jeremy Spencer is at the height of his punishing and staggering ability, a giant steering the sound forward. Everyone in the band brings their all to the songs leaving no energy or skill left in their tanks, bassist Chris Kael veins each track with deep menacing basslines that haunt the ear whilst the dual razor guitars of Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook bring forth riffs and melodies that are deeply memorable and impressive as they numb and rip chunks off the senses.

In full angry antagonistic flow the band are a primordial beast that preys upon and plays with the listener, songs like the opening title track, the album’s first single the relentlessly ‘Under And Over It’, and ‘Generation Deal’ with an opening bass riff that grabs hold firmly so the rest of the band can take swipes with their incisive play, all rampage with instinctive rampant violence.

The band goes into even blacker realms with the two best tracks on the album, songs that breathe poison and heavy intensity into every pore. ‘Menace’ is a dangerous crushing monster of a track, poking and challenging with its bitterness and ferocity and alongside the black mayhem of closing track ‘100 Ways To Hate’ with it’s in the face belligerence, they show that the band have not softened but in fact raised their anger and intensity up a few notches.

The rock based tracks are just as satisfying too from the anthemic ‘The Pride’ to the melodic emotive ‘Wicked Ways’ and ‘Coming Down’ where the resourceful smooth tones of Moody are a wonderful contrast to the merciless drums of Spencer; the band really has the combining of melodies and unstoppable riffs and threatening beats down to an art.

With a stronger technical sound to the guitars than seen before from the band in partnership with their acclaimed aggressive strength, the album is a gallery of infectious and thrilling songs that satisfy deeper than most releases to come along this year. Five Finger Death Punch may not have brought us anything new in relation to their sound but it is one mean, stunning and impressive album. Maybe next time we will want more adventure but for right now “American Capitalist” will more than suffice.

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