Falloch – Where Distant Spirits Remain“Where Distant Spirits Remain”, the debut album from Scottish duo Falloch is destined to make its impression on an ever increasing swell of eager attention once it reveals its glory September 26th via Candlelight Records. The freshness and engrossing sound that permeates from its enchanting flowing tracks sure to entice and engage even those with the heart for the harshest of sounds.

Falloch consisting of Andy Marshall and Scott McLean formed in 2010 with the intent of creating music that  conveyed emotions and atmosphere through a wide variation of sound and styles. The resulting “Where Distant Spirits Remain” is impressive proof of their success; it’s unique and stunning blend of folk rock, progressive rock, and atmospheric metal a powerful and emotive wash upon the senses. Lyrically too, the Glaswegians bring feeling and sentiment to the listener with their themes of nostalgia, sorrow, nature and longing deeply attuned to the music, rather than just listening the album in all aspects inducing reactions more.

Marshall and McLean have written songs that are aurally visual, as they caress and at times cover the ear in darker and deeper metal tones thoughts and images relating to the expressive intentions they bring unravel in the mind. The seven tracks that make up “Where Distant Spirits Remain” are varied in content and length but all carry a melancholic sensibility that is awe making with its skilled ingenuity. From the two passion fuelled instrumentals journeys of the sweeping rhythmic soulful ‘Horizons’ and the gentle and beautifully haunting ‘ Solace’ to the heavier and darkly tinged ‘We Are Gathering Dust’ and the shadow lined dark progression of ‘To Walk Amongst The Dead’, each track stirs the feelings and senses.

Falloch layer their songs with skilled ability, gentle acoustic guitars and driving heavy riffs, easy smooth clean vocals with rogue growls, and expressive visually stimulating keyboards all seamlessly line up alongside each other with perfectly realised arrangements, Where We Believe’ the perfect example of the bands stylish and balanced songwriting. With an additional enchanting female voice the track, as does the album, drips with emotion and atmosphere.

The albums best track is ‘The Carrying Light’, though to be fair it is just down to personal taste as each track is on a par in quality. Where Distant Spirits Remain has wonderful individual tracks but works best when taken as a whole; it is an experience, a music travelogue of the senses that should be felt in its entirety for the maximum satisfaction. Saying that though this track connected most and inspired repeat play before moving on.

Produced by legendary producer Ronan Chris Murphy (Ulver, King Crimson) Where Distant Spirits Remain is a blissful joy and in a wave of aggressive and bombarding releases that have trust their power forward recently the album is a revitalising and refreshing release showing Falloch are a band that will make a very healthy and deep mark on music in time to come.

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