Evisorax - Isle Of DogsThe outlook for the British extreme metal scene has rarely been better, with promoters and scenes cropping up all over the country. There are a lot more opportunities than in recent years and Evisorax one of the bands that are at the forefront of that movement. After supporting Wormrot recently, the Wigan based three piece have released “Isle Of Dogs” to decent acclaim and it is thoroughly deserved.

From the moment that ‘Generation Control’ bursts into your head to the end of ‘Temple Node’ (one of only two songs that manage to last over two minutes) you are left shell shocked by short concentrated blasts of violence, that bring to mind the style of the much missed Narcosis’ style where tracks seem to stop and start in short concentrated blasts of twisted violence.

Definitely not one for the faint hearted, vocalist Chris Grenfell’s tortured screams mixed with the guitars of Dan Lynch and insane drumming of Simon Brotherton all combine to produce an unholy racket that is as intriguing as it is compelling. With the eight tracks taking little over ten minutes to pass (their earlier four song EP actually lasts longer than this), they have a fine trick in leaving you wanting to hear what comes next, as they have a very different approach in terms of songwriting to the EP.

Mastered by Pig Destroyer guitarist Scot Hull and featuring artwork from Wormrot front man Arif, Evisorax have released an album that has everything you could hope for from a young band. The production allows the band to keep their abrasive edge but polishes it enough to take it well above many other recent efforts I have heard.  Well worth checking out and looking out for live.

Evisorax – Official Website