There is an evil rumour going around suggesting that rock music is dead, it emanated from established so called music journalists who really should know better! Tonight’s show featuring the immeasurable Thrash talents of Evile, Elimination, Mutant and Impaled Existence has single handedly proven that rock is not dead, in fact it is very much alive and kicking!

Metal Hammer competition winners, Impaled Existence grabbed their opportunity to open for Evile at Rock City with both hands, playing a short but well honed set to the many early arrivals. The progressive death metallers from North Wales enhanced their growing reputation with a very solid performance.

The London based speed thrashers Mutant were up next, and these boys were tight! Their brand of speed thrash/death metal went down very well with the ever growing crowd in the Basement Bar at Rock City. Highlights of the set were the tracks ‘Psycho Surgery’, ‘Cross The Path’ and ‘Super Computer’ but the overall set was pretty damn good. It is clear to see why Mutant are getting the rave reviews they deserve!

Elimination took to the stage next, the Ipswich based metallers, all hair and heavy riffs proceeded to rip the faces off the front row of the crowd. Neil Stevens, one foot on the monitors, staring the crowd in the eyes, with just a hint of a snarl in the corner of his mouth before letting loose the ferocious vocals. The twin guitar attack of Daz Abott and Dave Spicer added to the barrage, as did the bass of Jus Smith and the pummelling drums of James Last. Elimination played tracks from their debut album, “Destroyed By Creation”, such as ‘Straight To Hell’ and ‘Destroyed By Creation’, amongst others as well as tracks from their latest release, “Through The Eyes Of Madness EP”, through Transcend Records.

Then it was time for the main event, Evile! Each time I have seen Evile live they have been better each time, and they started out amazing! I’ve not seen a band more relaxed onstage or band enjoying what they do more. It’s not just that, they also make it look so effortless… despite that and the fun they are obviously having they still deliver some of the best in your face thrash goodness this side of the Atlantic and the other side of it too for that matter!

Opening the show with ‘First Blood’, the crowd went crazy… the Basement Bar full to the rafters and each and every person was moving! ‘Enter The Grave’ followed next, Matt Drake orchestrating in his time honoured manner. ‘Plague To End All Plagues’ was followed by the rarely performed ‘Metamorphosis’. The smile rarely leaving Joel Graham’s face as Evile played through the now classic ‘Thrasher’. It may have been just me but it seemed that Ben Carter’s kit was bigger than ever, that thing looks so god damn evil but it sounds amazing! The crowd were then treated to a new track from the forthcoming album; the track named ‘Bitch’ (whether this is a working title or the actual name is not known?), was a face paced face ripper and no mistake… If this is what we can expect from the new album then it’s going to be a monster!

The crowd favourite ‘We Who Are About To Die’ was next, complete with everyone doing the Ceaser upturned thumb gesture throughout and Ol Drake doing his trademark repertoire of facial gestures throughout the set. ‘My Parasite’ and ‘Infected Nations’ were next before the final track of the night ‘Killer From The Deep’ penned by the late Mike Alexander.

Another killer set from Evile, ably backed up by some of the best up and coming UK Thrash bands in Elimination and Mutant. Is Rock dead? Is it f**k, rock is very much alive and well and will continue to be so for a long time to come!

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