Elimination - Through the Eyes of Madness From the day they formed in 2007, UK band Elimination vowed to bring a new metal mayhem to the masses and with their debut album “Destroyed By Creation”. When it was  released in 2010 some declared to be the best British Thrash album of the year, to which Elimination declared that their statement of intent was being realised. The Ipswich band now release their new and first EP on Transcend Music, “Through The Eyes Of Madness”, 3 tracks new and old which seems like a bridge to a new direction for their next album later in the year.

The EP starts with the first of the new tracks, “My Own Enemy”, and the first sign of their slight shift away from straight thrash and more towards classic rock with balls area.  The track starts off with more than a hint of early Metallica, then blasts along with a vengeance as vocalist Neil Stephens adds his attitude laden vocals. You cannot help liking its eagerness and desire to please with a riff that feels like you are coming home and that is my one problem with the track which I do like.  It sounds so familiar from the first note to the end, with the start as I mentioned bringing an unavoidable comparison and the riff itself like an old friend, something you have heard before more than once. Actually, each time I listen Pantera springs to mind and especially “Walk”, though there is a big difference between the two pulsating sounds themselves. Like a well known acquaintance though, the track is more than worthy of attention and respect.

Second track “Prisoner Of Tomorrow” and the other new composition, is a solid slice of heavy rock with a thrash tinge and a more than a healthy slice of Iron Maiden influence. As with all the tracks the guitars of Daz Abbott and Dave Spicer are the most impressive part of the music and especially on this track the solos are worth listening to just for them alone. Unfortunately, the vocals this time do not match up to that quality and though the music may have moved to a different angle metal wise Stephens delivery has not and on this song  it for me it just does not marry well.

“Through The Eyes Of Madness” closes with the title track from their debut album “Destroyed By Creation” and is the best track of the three. A good solid track more akin to the traditional thrash sound they started out with, laden with power, great solos and a surging energy throughout. Maybe the only worrying thing is that it stands out over the newer material but I think judgement should be held back until the arrival of their new album. Elimination are worthy of every chance and with this “Through The Eyes Of Madness EP” they may have taken a couple of steps back but there is more than enough to instil promise for the future.

“Through The Eyes Of Madness” is out now on Transend Music.

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