Eisbrecher - Eiskalt“Eiskalt” is the first best-of from German dark wave/industrial band Eisbrecher. Actually, this kind of music has got its own genre called ‘Neue Deutsche Härte’, meaning ‘new German hardness/heaviness’.

Sadly, all songs of this album are quite similar and sound a bit like Rammstein most of the time. There isn’t much else than just pumping drum rhythms, synthesizer sequences, distorted guitars and low-pitched vocals – and it’s over-produced all the time. Sometimes the addition of piano sounds and choirs also makes the songs really cheesy. Here we have ‘alternative mainstream’ without anything special, sadly. The remix section at the end of the album is useless because the already very danceable songs are made to pure mainstream dance floor tracks.

Furthermore it is strange that a band releases a best-of after having only four albums to take material from. Interestingly enough is the fact that this genre has entered the German charts lately after the band Unheilig had a massive success with their last album.

So, it seems more likely that Eisbrecher’s record company want to gain from the success this genre is having at the moment. But it doesn’t change anything: the music isn’t worth remembering anyway.

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