From the moment, bassist and principal songwriter, Scotsman Paul Logue and American vocalist Michael Eden started in 2006, their plan to create a group of the best musicians to realise their music had begun. With the subsequent release of their self-titled debut album with the assembled band in August 2007, there has been nothing but enthusiasm, praise, and want from fans and in the media.  Between those two points the founders brought in, from using the internet as their search tool, Germans Thorsten Koehne and Ferdy Doemberg, guitar and keyboards respectively, and English drummer Pete Newdeck.

The express ride that is Eden’s Curse was in full motion and bringing in more, wanting to join the ride as they won awards and more acclaim. Early 2008 saw their next album ‘The Second Coming’ continue the positivity for their melodic metal sounds and despite or because of the gap since then, the anticipation for their third album has been feverish. Trinity is the first recording with keyboardist Italian Alessandro Del Vecchio, who replaced Doemberg in 2009, and is a loosely thematic release flowing with 12 tracks, revealing the writing and playing abilities of the band.

A cinematic intro that suggests the theme of God and the Devil, good and evil, leads straight into the title track. ‘Trinity’, with its advice and warning on Judgement Day for us all, is a typical hard/classic rock type track with guitars flashing vibrantly and rhythms riffing powerfully behind Eden’s great vocals; he is possibly one of the best vocalists around currently, never overplaying things with unnecessary high squeals. Despite all those good components the song is competent but reasonably ordinary, especially shown when the following track ‘Saints of Tomorrow’ bursts into life. With a blend resembling an Avenged Sevenfold/My Chemical Romance fusion, the track simply rocks. Logue’s bass is riveting and addictive and the keys of Del Vecchio are wonderfully inviting, making it the best track on Trinity. The two tracks that rival it for that distinction is the all out rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Can’t Fool The Devil’ with its unrelenting surge, classic Crossroads type guitar solo, and great double bass; and ‘Jerusalem Sleeps’, inspired by the movie Kingdom Of Heaven, which uses driving heavy riffs, spiked by smooth haunting synths and Arabic flavoured guitars. The track is a patchwork of many styles but it works neatly.

As on previous releases, Eden’s Curse brings in some big names to feature on tracks. The great track ‘Black Widow’ sees Helloween’s Andy Deris add his vocals to Eden’s on what is a stormer of a heavy track. Reflecting the dangers of the web and predators hiding behind innocent masks  the song rips with power with Newdeck’s drums, decisive and demanding, driving the track relentlessly. The thing stopping it from greater heights is the vocals of Deris; they are not bad but up against those of Eden’s they are weaker, stereotypical and feel out of place within this track. Placed elsewhere they would have been more effective, as on something like the ordinary classic rock tracks of ‘Rivers Of Destiny ‘ or ‘Dare To Be Different’.

The other guest is vocalist James La Brie of Dream Theater on the new single ‘No Holy Man’. The song is going to be a favourite to many with the great vocals, strong guitars, and Del Vecchio’s outstanding keys.  These are the differences here between the track being interesting and dull, but against some of the other tracks on offer on Trinity it pales.

Trinity is an above average release and for many will be up there as album of the year, all depending on the type of metal you ‘mosh’ to. It is a touch inconsistent as the ballads ‘Guardian Angel’ and ‘Children Of The Tide’ show, the former creative and impulsive the latter derivative and uninspired; but musically Eden’s Curse deliver and whatever your musical taste, that cannot be overlooked.

Ending with the Dio cover ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Children’, too close to the original to be anything special, but one cannot criticise their adding it in reference to one of their major influences, Eden’s Curse have made an album certainly to be listened to and for many, to be adored.

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