Dying-Fetus - History-Repeats…As a celebration of their twentieth anniversary, Maryland trio Dying Fetus have released this strictly limited edition EP featuring covers of some of the bands that influenced the Maryland death metallers. Also released in time for their summer tour across the US with amongst others The Black Dahlia Murder and Whitechapel on this years Summer Slaughter tour.

They have included one new track on here, sandwiched in between six covers opening with the trio of Dehumanized ‘Fade Into Obscurity’, Napalm Death ‘Unchallenged Hate’, Broken Hope ‘Gorehog’. After this is the sole Dying Fetus track on here, the short and almost certainly not sweet ‘Rohypnol’ (a lament to the infamous date rape drug) before covers of Bolt Thrower’s ‘Unleashed Upon Mankind’ and Pestilence standard ‘Twisted Truth’ before closing with a cover of ‘Born In A Casket’ by Buffalo, NY legends Cannibal Corpse.

Chances are if you are reading this review and you know of Dying Fetus, you will be well aware of the original versions of these songs and it is interesting to hear them in a slightly different way. The way they have approached other peoples music is impressive and makes this EP well worth a listen.

As EP’s go it is a strange choice to release something with only one new track, especially when that track only lasts forty three seconds. This will work as a tour promo and a filler between this tour and the next album. There is nothing wrong with any of the covers on here, my only thought is that they could have maybe offered up a little bit more original material.

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