Dir En Grey - Different SenseDir En Grey recently released their latest single “Different Sense” as an appetiser for their forthcoming “Dum Speri Spero” album. Dir En Grey is a Japanese metal band formed in 1997 with eight full length releases to their name. What can be said about the three song single release, we shall see…

The single ‘Different Sense’, captures a tempo changes, vocal changes, and in general takes a chaos out of metal and spits out a power packed coherent progression of notes. The riffs and duelling guitar effects are done with perfect placement and the sheer number and nature of vocal styles in this first track is amazing. Growls, clean, incoherent death growls its all here and perfectly placed with the ebb and flow of the groove.

‘Tsumi To Kisei’ is where the lads from the land of the rising sun get their serious doom on. This is a pure doom and sludge laden track with some interesting keyboards and affects added in. These effects are not over done, nor over used, they fit in very well with the slow drudgery that is ‘Tsumi to Kisei’. This almost dichotomy in upbeat to sludge has a very real result of demonstrating just how capable and diverse Dir En Grey can be yet still maintain that overall great musical delivery.

The last track is ‘Red Soil (live)’, a previously released studio track but the live version is presented here. As with the first two songs it is a solid piece of music and this completes the triad to showcase the talent that is Dir En Grey. This is packed with as much power and emotion as the first two tracks.

The ‘Different Sense’ single is packed with solid material from the Japanese metallers and it is what the listeners have come to expect. Power, diversity and most of all intense in your face metal!

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