Deicide are a band notorious for their satanic and vehemently anti Christian lyrics, but even more for their long tradition of gig cancellations. I always found Glen Benton’s long tirades against anything God related rather comical, but I guess it’s an integral part of the Deicide experience. Anyway, Benton and Co are back with a new album with a somewhat predictable title in the best Deicide tradition, called To Hell With God.

On their latest album the band aren’t exactly reinventing the wheel. They simply do what they’re good at, namely rather straightforward US death metal delivered at breakneck speed, with frenzied guitar leads by Ralph Santolla (also in Obituary) and Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse) and the familiar growls and barks by Glen Benton. To Hell With God isn’t particularly innovative, but it certainly offers quality.

Compositions like ‘Witness Of Death’, ‘Conviction’, ‘Angels Of Hell’ and the the title track are brought with the utmost conviction. Drummer and primary song writer Steve Asheim did a great job in the creative department, because most tracks are well structured and actually quite memorable. Before you know it you’ll tap along like a maniac. Glen Benton spits his lyrics out with his signature delivery, but I can’t help thinking whether his lyrics are becoming some kind of gimmick after twenty years straight religion bashing.

The production of To Hell With God is modern, but a bit too anonymous for my taste. It does make every instrument audible, however the drums sound particularly compressed. It’s a matter of taste, but I prefer listening to a human playing the drums, instead of a glorified drum computer.

To Hell With God by Deicide is very much in line with what the band have done since The Stench Of Redemption.  Sound wise it’s a bit too mechanical for me, but the song material is strong as ever and the execution is flawless. Taking it all in perspective, it’s a solid release on which Deicide do what they’re good at, but don’t expect them to raise the creative bar in extreme metal.