Deadlock are a melodic death metal band hailing from Germany. They’ve been around for quite some time in which they have release several previous albums, like “Earth.Revolt” (2005), “Wolves” (2007) and “Manifesto” (2008). “Bizarro World” is their fifth album and the latest addition to their ongoing discography. Let’s take a closer look.

On “Bizarro World” these Germans treat their listeners to later period In Flames (Come Clarity/A Sense Of Purpose) inspired guitar riffs combined with pop like sensibilities and influences from electro and dance. It’s an unorthodox mix, but it works rather well on the futuristic tracks like ‘Renegade’, ‘Falling Skywards’ and ‘You Left Me Dead’. The ‘ace in the hole’ is the interaction between the deep growls of Johannes Prem and the angelic vocals by Sabine Weniger.

There are more than enough heavy moments to enjoy as well. Tracks like ‘Virus Jones’, ‘Earthlings’,’ Brutal Romance’ and ‘Htrae’ remind me that Deadlock is still a melodic death metal band. However, towards the end of the album things tend to get a little bit sappy, especially with the title track ‘Bizarro World’ and ‘Paranoia Extravaganza’. On the other hand it demonstrates the versatility and the guts of Deadlock, and their ability to think outside the box.

The production of “Bizarro World” gives the album a very modern and futuristic edge. It’s heavy enough to please the metal heads, yet light enough to enhance the dance and pop elements.

On “Bizarro World”, Deadlock walks the thin line of being too poppy for the average metal head, but too heavy for a more mainstream orientated audience. On the other hand Deadlock delivered a high calibre album which should do well with the In Flames, Sonic Syndicate, Lacuna Coil and Soilwork crowd.

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