DAOR – From The Bleeding River EPSince making their way from Gibraltar and finding a new home in Nottingham, DAOR have been picking up where they left off and steadily gathering a whole new fan base in the process. The recruitment of vocalist, Tom Walker completed the line-up, allowing DAOR to do what they are best at… tearing people’s faces off with their heavy groove laden metalcore.

After catching their live performance late last year, and being very impressed by them, we were eager to hear if the powerful and dynamic performance could be recaptured on their debut, self-released, EP “From The Bleeding River”.

The EP kicks off with the brutal ‘The Truth, The Way, The Gun’. A monster of a track complete with face-melting riffs and ear-shredding lead solos, a backline that will snap your spine and lung bursting vocals. Tom Walker’s vocals were one of the standout factors from their live show and they sound even more powerful and menacing when laid down in the studio. Within the brutality there a Lamb Of God style groove that comes through occasionally, catching you off guard but head-bangingly hooky!

‘Forsaken’ carries on where ‘The Truth, The Way, The Gun’ left off with a brutality that is reminiscent of Whitechapel and Job For A Cowboy. The pace is a little more frenetic and there is another sighting of the occasional groove. There is a cleverness about DAOR’s song writing, they don’t try to bludgeon you to death with a constant bombardment of bone shattering guitar riffs and beats, instead staccato riffs, the vocal attack and a healthy dose of shredding all take their turns before the brutal riffs finish you off.

With a more intricate beginning ‘Tried & Tested’ instantly gets the head moving, voluntarily or not… Again, there is a heavy dose of Lamb Of God about it. However, that influence soon fades out as DAOR begin to unleash their sound. It’s refreshing to hear another band from the UK than can give the bands across the pond a run for their money and DAOR are most certainly one of those…

‘This Great Divide’ doesn’t mess about either, 15 seconds of intro and then you need a new face… With Walker’s vocals once again spearheading the aural assault. DAOR also let out there lighter side during this track, albeit for a grand total of 40 seconds before the face-ripping resumes.

Despite the obvious influences DAOR have defined a sound of their own and clearly have immense technical ability not just in terms of playing but also in song-writing. “From The Bleeding River” is as good a debut as I have heard and having witnessed their live show too these boys have a very bright future ahead of them!

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