Lorna Allen caught up with Dan Tompkins and Jay Postones of TesseracT for a quick chat before their explosive set on the League of Extraordinary Djentleman Tour at Rock City, Nottingham.

The Album “One” is set for release in March, is there anything that you’re particularly excited about?

Jay – We’re just excited to have something out finally. The record has been finished for almost a year now. It was mastered last year and recorded well before that. It will be great to finally have something out in stores worldwide! There’s a DVD that is going to be out (as a bit of a thank you to the fans) with the record too which we’re all really excited about and clips of it are already online and the feedback has been great so far.

What can the fans expect from the penultimate show of the tour?

Dan – Tonight is my hometown gig, so I’ve got a lot of people coming down to catch the show and see the full line-up [the last time we played I was in hospital]. It will be a good night!

TesseracT look destined for good things in 2011, have you got any aspirations for this year?

Jay – We just want to tour as much as we possibly can and do as much music as we can. This is our full-time job now and we’re planning to got to America more than once. We hoping to get on some festival bills like Sonisphere or Download, although any of them would be superb!

How has the first few months as a signed band been? It took you a while to settle with a label, how supportive have Century Media been?

Jay – Awesome! The support they’ve given us has been incredible; they’re very creative and open to ideas. They’re really positive and want to help us out by suggesting things for us. We’ve always been a very hands on band so this is great!

Dan – They really are thinking outside the box!

How do you react to the comparisons with bands like Meshuggah?

Jay – It’s great. Most of us have grown up listening to or got into them at some point. When I first started getting into music they were one of the first bands I listened to and we played with them last year in India which was fantastic. It was surreal sitting down and eating a curry with them like friends, no egos!

You’ve become very popular in India in the past year, how do the shows differ there to over here?

Dan – From one extreme to the other; over there people can’t afford to go out and buy a CD but they can go to gigs. Many of the shows there were sold out to a 10,000 capacity crowd. You play a show here, like in the basement at Rock City, and you’re lucky if you sell-out.

Jay – If any of you get chance to go to India, do! It’s an amazing experience. The crowds are so up for the music, incredible experience!

Are there any other bands around at the minute that you’re really impressed by?

Dan – I met a guy in India, Keshav Dhar, who was in a band called Hydrodjent (he has renamed it to Skyharbor now) but he is writing some fantastic music; almost Chimp Spanner meets Textures. It’s like a combination of everything that’s going off at the minute.

Jay – If you’re looking to get into your first Indian band I’d recommend his stuff, Skyharbor! But over here, Chimp Spanner is amazing it’s like Masters of the Universe Metal. Monuments are fantastic too, the drummer is only 19 years old but so talented! The Periphery guys are incredible too!

And finally, if you had to describe your band in 5 words, what would they be?

Dan – Stupid,

Jay – Epic and Groovy

Dan – Ethereal

Dan – Spunk-a-licious

Sums it up quite nicely!