Leeds based band Cyvoid are supposedly a super group, though as a term it gives a lightweight impression as historically bands formed of illustrious musicians from other known bands seem to generally come together and end up creating music that is weak up against their source employers work. Bands formed with people from less elevated bands admittedly do seem to have the group’s ethics more on the music and not the fact that he is now playing with him, but still the term feels wrong even though here it is a creditable success.

So, maybe the thrash metallers are a side project but again that does not do justice to a creation that is a living, fighting and dangerous entity and will demand the utmost dedication and time as it surely explodes to wide spread recognition. Whatever one wants to call them Cyvoid comes with pedigree in its ranks and a sound that is as driven and ferocious as the creatures that fuel the content of their tracks, and is a band just as essential as those the cast came from.

The quintet consists of bassist Aliskull (Alistair Mancrief) and drummer Pugh (Lewis) who both ply their other trade in the trash rockers The Plight, Theoid (Theo Hardin) who delivers dark formidable riffs with death metallers Antares,  guitarist Beef who swings his hardcore axe with End To Empires, and lastly the growling scathing tones of vocalist Professor Oblivion (formerly B’Hellmouth) ex Send More Paramedics. Together they have fused into an extremely tight unit bringing menacing and diabolically addictive thrash grooves to corrupt everyone they fall upon.

Cyvoid’s self titled album via Thirty Days of Night Records is brimming with hard hitting, vital riffs, and spiralling punk aggression and energy across its seven impressive tracks. From the opening instrumental ‘Revok’ with its surging rampant strides, the album grabs hold with a firm grip, and though the track only hints at the riotous chaos to follow, with its straight forward metal chugging drill it is a very agreeable start.

As soon as ‘Phonotype’ strikes, the striking unveiling of the bands deep quality is revealed, their urgent crushing thrash punk let loose. Hard though it is to nail down a comparison there are flavours of sounds suggesting the likes of Anthrax, early Suicidal Tendencies, and Agnostic Front or Biohazard with a liberal shaking of Megadeth playing like Slayer. This groaning, formidable but thoroughly satisfying sound permeates the whole album though each song is written and realised with its own unique character.

With sci-fi movies the muse to the creative and punchy lyrics, each song never fails to conjure up images especially if knowing the movies in question; Cyvoid is a cyber soundtrack to some of the best classics. From the metallic absorption of the Universal Soldier based ‘Hardware’, the Bladerunner themed ‘Time To Die‘ as oppressive and bleak as the movie, to the synapse igniting pulses of ‘Idoru’ complete with a Videodrome sample intro, the album is a full and complete package even at its brief 18 minute running time.

The best moment on the album is ‘Facehugger’ its influence and inspiration obvious from the title alone. The track cannot be denied, bursting into the ear as hard as any acid dripping jaw belonging to evil itself. Powerful and formidable it attacks but with the underlying melodic riffs and energised punk enthusiasm it is a battering well worth receiving.

“Cyvoid is simply the best and most unique thrash punk album to see the light of 2011 so far and it is hard to imagine many will come close let alone surpass. From the lyrical content, explosive riffs, the harsh bomb like drums, to the incisive melodic hooks and screaming growls this album is jaw droppingly glorious, and Cyvoid with their self termed Hybrid Warp Metal one to keep watching, do they really need to go back to their day jobs?

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