Colossus - Drunk On BloodThere are times when luck and happenstance lead one into good things. I got a recommendation from one of my sons friend, Justin, on a band to check called Colossus. I now know there are three bands operating under that name one in South Dakota, one in North Carolina and one in Sweden. I stumbled into the one in North Carolina through Tribunal Records and was immediately taken with the complete quality and nostalgia the boys from Raleigh, North Carolina put forth.

Their second release “Drunk on Blood” is sheer fun to listen and pump your fist to. It is definitely a throw back to times of yore, when big hair prevailed and the NWOBHM acts poured forth from the UK. The riffs and solos pound and scream through the release, the beat is powerful, and the vocals are towering. All the enduring qualities of their forefathers.

Take the track ‘The Mountain’, it opens on power riffs, driving bass lines with drums in perfect step. The vocals are clean, full of emotion and delivered in a towering fashion. ‘The Operative’ has a real feel of “viking metal” in this riffs and delivery. Screaming solos both vocal and guitar are here and on all tracks. The production value is absolutely awesome for this release. This clarity really goes a long way to showcase the talent of Colossus.

They may not be up to the par of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest but they do come close. Their release certainly transports us back on waves of nostalgia and overall good musicianship. The songs were well composed, performed with quality, and the mixing and production value are top notch. They say you can never go home again but this release at least gets you back to the street you grew up on pumping your fist and smiling at the memories.

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