Colonel Blast/Cancerous Womb/Magpyes/Dyscaphia/Diascorum - Split RoastSplit EP’s and albums have been around for a while, helping bands share costs and get more exposure to new fans. Independent UK label Condate records hit upon the idea of getting together five of the country’s grimmest bands together for the excellently named “Split Roast”.

Northwich’s Colonel Blast has built a reputation as a pretty intense live act and their debut “For The Greater Good” backed this up. They have offered up two new tracks to open up this compilation, ‘Power By Proxy’ and ‘The Crime Is Passion’ proving the potential of the band, not allowing themselves to be tied down to one particular style and fusing a lot of different extreme genres in their music.  A slot at last years Damnation Festival was well earned and maybe just the start of bigger things.

Next we have three tracks from Cancerous Womb. The Edinburgh based band has included two new tracks alongside the title track from their recent ‘Austrian Basement EP’ recorded live in London. Cancerous Womb have had a busy year touring seem and are definitely worth checking out if and when they come near you. Old school brutal death metal with some grind / thrash influences.

Leeds 3-piece Magpyes are up next and during their seven songs demonstrate their style in no nonsense fashion. With six of the songs short sharp blasts of intense grindcore (shortest track ‘Warning’ being a mere 44 seconds) and ‘Willem Fucking Defoe’ lasting nearly four minutes they bring to mind ‘Damage 381’ era Extreme Noise Terror. Magpyes have developed a cult following through word of mouth and this opportunity can only build on that.

Dyscaphia bring a moment of calm to this release, and by that, I mean ‘a moment’. The opening thirty-second piano intro (accompanied by the sound of someone seemingly being burnt alive) lulls you into a false sense of security before the brutality starts. Although I had heard of them before, this was the first time I have properly heard the Mancunian band and so far, I am very impressed. A well produced but not too clean sounding offering, with the six minute ‘Enshrined In Pestilence’ being one of the highlights of the release for me.

Another Leeds based band, Diascorum round things off with five more unrelenting tracks. This band has some excellent pedigree, featuring members from bands such as Narcosis and Tangaroa and you can hear the influence in the songs they have here. The only strange thing I found is the track order with these. ‘Interjection’ would have been better placed at the start of Diascorum’s tracks or as an outro to the album, but this isn’t a big complaint. They show a variety of influences and are obviously a band that aren’t afraid of experimenting with different styles, with the closing track ‘Self Modifying Game (Incandescence Remix)’ sounding like someone struggling to tune into a radio station and picking up parts of the song with interference and other noises coming through.

20 tracks, just under an hour of some of the finest British extreme metal talent for a fiver. This compilation shows some of the excellent bands the current UK underground scene has to offer.  There has been talk of a tour to support this release and that could be one of the best underground tours of the year if it does indeed happen. An excellent way to find and support new bands.