Like standing in a musical wind tunnel the West Midlands band, Collision Process swarm all over the listener with an onslaught of power, energy and ferociousness tempered with melodies and intricate progressive rock sounds to savour. Like two bands in one they fuse the eloquent guitar sounds and skills of a Dream Theater or Karnivool with the full out take no prisoners attack of Meshuggah, turning it into something original and distinctly theirs. The self titled EP, on Your Face Records, brings four raw but at the same time cultured slices of sound fusing extremes skilfully.

The opening strike comes from ‘Sleep Now Forever’, a hurricane of noise that grabs hold, shaking hard whilst infecting its prey with melodic and scintillating grooves. Strapping on a cool bass line and absorbing riffs, the track is a unique combination of ideas wonderfully realised and delivered. The growling and menacing vocals of Adam Cooper compliment the surge of metal perfectly, being harsh and threatening, while the excellent melodic vocals of guitarist Jon Walters and bassist Dan Willett contrast with clean and harmonious counter voices in line with the songs progressive smooth sounds. It is hard to fully portray how this works so wonderfully and how impressive it is and especially the quality of all the vocals.

Revelations’ follows with the same cleverness and equal tumultuous power, a feature of every track on the EP and I imagine all of their songs. The guitars of Walters and Matt Glover dance all over the tracks without compromising the full out attack, the skill of Collision Process in all departments is how they create a tapestry of great sounds and melodies alongside rampaging riffs and strength without taking away from either the power or the technical and melodic creations.

Third track ‘Breaking Point’ is the best track on the release, carrying one of the most exciting and compulsive riffs heard in a long time by these well beaten ears. The formula is the same here, and on final track ‘Divide’, as before with each song  bringing a new and fresh diversity that is hard to truly appreciate until hearing, any words said here scantly able to truly reveal the majestic qualities of the EP. Dave Payne’s drums are immense on the track alongside Willett’s driving bass which is far more than just a deep groove as at times like on the final track it is almost a third guitar the way he makes its throat sing.

In case you missed it I am impressed and more than pleasantly surprised having not heard of the band before and because finding something truly special is becoming rarer by the day. The ‘Collision Process EP’ is not only a special joy and an immensely satisfying find but also maybe the the dawn of a new force in British rock music if not further afield.

With the release of their digital single ‘Emperors’ too, I strongly urge everyone to check the band out as soon as and be at the start of something big. To learn more about Collision Process check out their official website