Coilguns / Kunz - Split-EPThis is a little bit different to most split releases, with both featured bands being side projects, from the same band (German experimental band The Ocean), with almost the same members. The first three tracks come from Coilguns who feature Louis Jucker (bass / vocals), Luc Hess (drums) and Jona Nido (guitar), while the remaining tracks come from Kunz who feature the duo of Jucker (Baritone Guitar / vocals) and Hess (drums).

Coilguns open up this release and get straight into it with ‘Mostoid’, a sub three minute track that goes straight for the jugular. ‘Phersu’ starts off in the same vain, before slowing down but still retaining the heaviness.  Next up is ‘Kachinas’, which is similar to the first track. The ideal word to describe Coilguns approach is abrasive. From the production to the time changes that always seem to strike just as you are becoming use to a particular rhythm, just so you don’t get too comfortable while listening to them.

The other four tracks on this EP are from Kunz. The filthy din of  ‘Flow’ introduces you to this new project, a spewing mess of distorted riffs and raw as hell, with very minimal production. ‘Apnea’ is a very different beast, a much more urgent song, and that’s how the rest of their offerings come across. Both ‘Flush’ and ‘What Makes Me Sleep’ follow a similar pattern, their harsh, unkempt noise exploding with raw energy.

Both these bands have elements of what these people bring to The Ocean, but have also got their own ideas. They aren’t afraid to try something different and are willing to throw anything into the mix. The way they have camouflaged their technical style under waves of distortion makes them stand out from the normal uber clean production that similar bands employ. Coilguns and Kunz are both intriguing bands and well worth looking out for.

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