Circles - The CompassI have this 10 second rule (albeit right or wrong; it works for me), that a song should grab you within that time or it’s not worth listening to. That was until I listened to “The Compass”, an interesting debut from Australian five-piece tech metal band Circles. The mini album, which comprises of six songs, is good in parts but outstanding in others, so I have to admit that my 10 second rule was questioned on this one.

I was excited by the start of ‘The Frontline’, it’s a nice blend of electro with heavy guitars, ripping bass and pounding drums, an excellent start – then the vocals of Perry Kakridas kick in. Not to say that I was disappointed, I wasn’t, the vocals just weren’t what I had expected. The track took me on a journey almost reminiscent of early Incubus from their S.C.I.E.N.C.E. album but with a 2011 twist, but for me it was a little bit too long and didn’t carry on in the same exciting way it had started.

Then ‘The Clouds are Gathering’ started, my attention was grabbed instantly! A great song with so many layers, stunning vocals, driving riffs and drums. A stand-out track for me thus far and I can’t help but hear an influence of Faith No More‘s track and Sophomore album title “The Real Thing”, but if you’re going to be compared to bands, then what great company to be in!

‘Act 3’ is frenetic in pace at the start, with the electronic theme creating an ethereal atmosphere. Further into the track you hear some monster heavy guitar breakdowns and awesome drums delivered by Dave Hunter, it’s a multi-faceted song and an interesting track with compelling vocals. You really start to understand the blend of guitars of Ted Furuhashi and Matty Clarke and the Bass from Drew Patton – a great song.

Moving seamlessly into ‘Eye Embedded’, a very vocal led start, quite high in pitch which highlights the incredible vocal range of Perry Kakridas. The listener is treated to some sterling guitar wizardry with what appears to be a tribute nod in style to Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage fame.

‘The Design’ is an all together different beast; electronic samples, guitars, bass and drums to start with, then a nice break before the vocals come in. For me this track is a breath of fresh air. It sounds unique and perfectly befits an up-and-coming band of this calibre. They’re tight, accomplished musicians and set to make their mark on the Metal playing field.

The final song from this debut mini-album is ‘Ruins’. With an almost acoustic sounding intro, you’re able to catch your breath from the preceding onslaught. It’s melodic, ambient but interspersed with heavy guitars, what more could a girl want?

I think what I’m trying to say is, that my ten second theory sucks. I ordinarily wouldn’t give an album like this a full listen to. Just goes to show, I’m a douche-bag and this rocks – can’t wait to see them live!

Circles – Official Website