Cerebral Bore - Maniacal Miscreation“Maniacal Miscreation” is the debut album by recent Earache Records signings Cerebral Bore. The Glasgow based four piece really have set out to pulverize the listener from the start on the 8 tracks on offer here. Originally recorded and released in Summer 2010 whilst on tour as a limited edition, it is now given a general release after the band signed with Earache in December 2010.

The opening duo of ‘Epileptic Strobe Entrapment’ and ‘The Bald Cadaver’ show the excellent musicianship this band possess, and the rapid fire blast beats at the start are a sign of what lies ahead.  The explosive rhythm section of drummer Allan McDibet and bassist Kyle Rutherford drive the band forward with no sign of letting up. The production work of Chris Fielding (who had previously worked with Napalm Death and Electric Wizard) makes for a really clear sound that plays to the strengths of all the band members, and allows you follow the changes in tempo and tune.

‘The Bald Cadaver’ and ‘Open Casket Priapism’ are further examples of the abilities of this group. The unrelenting riffs from lone guitarist Paul McGuire add to the atmosphere this album exudes. Completing the line up is vocalist Simone ‘Som’ Pluijmers and this is one of the real revelations of the band. Having a female vocalist is still relatively rare in extreme metal, and in Som, Cerebral Bore have really found someone with a big talent, her dual pitch vocals reminiscent of Despised Icon’s Steve Marois.

‘Mangled Post – Burial’ and ‘Flesh Reflects The Madness’ have a sound that encompasses both old and new death metal, bringing to mind Cannibal Corpse and Decapitated as well as newer acts such as Annotations Of An Autopsy. To be able to write an album this strong so early in their career shows that they are certainly a band to watch for the future.  By the time title track ‘Maniacal Miscreation’ and Josef Fritzl influenced album closer ’24 Year Party Dungeon’ came around I was already online lining up several youtube videos and looking for upcoming tour dates.

With 8 tracks and just 32 minutes long this is an excellent introduction to a band that is sure to be a major force in the UK death metal scene, with their busy touring schedule just as likely to increase their following. Cerebral Bore will no doubt be playing a town near you very soon, and you really should check them out.

If blast beats, punishing breakdowns and some brutal vokills (love that) are your thing then this is one of the essential albums for 2011. Earache has made an excellent choice putting their support behind Cerebral Bore, and they should reap the rewards if the band continues to make such fine albums.

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