Cauldron - Burning Fortune“Burning Fortune” is the second full-length release from Toronto metallers, Cauldron.  They play a hard rock/metal that is nostalgic of the 80’s style of metal. To many the word nostalgia has some negative connotations. It almost implies the liking of something just because it reminds you of great things in years gone past. Can Cauldron hold up and even surpass that 80’s feeling?

The opening track, ‘All or Nothing’, immediately dispels any thought that this music’s appeal exists purely on a nostalgic basis. Chains, Decay, and Steve quickly show their musical prowess on this piece.  Decay and Steve provide a nice driving rhythm that should be the envy of opening tracks everywhere. This power beat really allows for some nice extended solo work from Chains.

One of the best things Cauldron may have borrowed from history’s greats, is the confidence to bust loose with extended and numeric solos in a given song.  Gone are the days where the blistering notes of Jabs rear their head through an entire song between head banging rhythm interludes.  The boys from Toronto do an excellent job in recapturing that style of song writing.

This album stands on its own merits, as a formidable release in Decay and Co.’s arsenal. Decay’s lyrics show great intonation and variability through the entire release. This lyrical variation is something that seems lost on some of the up and coming metal bands.  Variation does not show weakness in vocals, quite the contrary, it shows the strength and resilience of a singer.

Truly, the only weakness of “Burning Fortune” is ‘Queen of Fire’. This piece of writing just can’t seem to decide if it wants to be a power ballad or a group of notes slowing unnaturally down for the sake of showing the audience some kind of soft side. Power ballads should stay where they belong, a long ago relic of times past.  ‘Queen of Fire’ could have done with a little punch in the beginning, but one bright spot is Chains again, unleashing some severe screamer notes through the song, so all is well.

The Canadian trio does redeem themselves quickly with ‘Breaking Through’. This metal powerhouse quickly rinses any residue of the dreaded power ballad from our ears. ‘Breaking Through’ has some of the best rhythm work by Decay and Steve on the entire album. Thrown is some bold riffs and fuzz affects from Chains, and the listener is left with one of the great songs this release.

This band is a modern hard rock/metal band that purely captures everything that was right about 80’s metal and gives it a much needed face life for modern times. Thanks to Cauldron for not only taking us back to simpler times but also for having the courage to show that this style of music has not died.  The resurrection of great driving hard rock/metal is on the rise and Cauldron appears to be at the front of the wave, giving us all double metal horns!

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