As soon as the big orchestral sounds strike up with the essence of big 60’s pop that backed the likes of Ricky Valance or Johnny Tilletson there is a sense of something big and wonderful about to explode out. “Forgive Us We’re British” the new single from Nottingham band Captain Dangerous does not disappoint. The single is firmly in the indie pop zone but in its own unique way just as inspiring as any heavy riff laden metal bomb of a track. Released on July 4th via I’m Not From London Records, there is a sense that it will do more than just grab attention for the band, certainly going from early responses to the track from many people and its success in their live show.

The quintet consists of founder members Adam Clarkson (guitar and vocals) and Miles Clark (guitar, trumpet, melodica, accordion, violin, and vocals), they then brought in the musical prowess of bassist Mark Houlgate, drummer and percussionist Jamie Elliott, and accomplished jazz/classical violinist Rob Rosa, as they sought to make their music and shows an event to savour. Certainly on the single they as a unit achieve that and more.

‘Forgive Us We’re British’ is big and bold, the strings and brass sounds elevating, what is basically a pop song into a riveting and irresistible epic sounding piece of music. Clarkson’s vocals are buoyant despite the obvious criticism on the Government and their policy overseas but at the heart this is simply pop and that is how it is delivered, and with style. It is uplifting and drags the listener right in, so by the end they are part of the song, mesmerised.

The b-side of the single is ‘Everything Beautiful Reminds Me Of You’ and further proof that the band creates great music. A smaller more indie rock sounding track with flavours of bands like The Wombats or Maxiimo Park, though these are just tastes as the core of the song with its great trumpet and percussion sounds is a place only Captain Dangerous frequent. The guitars are delightful and the band subdued and immense at the same time, it and as the A-side is impressive.

Captain Dangerous sit rightfully at the head of a new soulful kind of sound that is casting its light over indie pop right now alongside the likes of Ideals and Letters, bringing emotive music and incisive poetic lyrics that triggers much more than just the ear of a listener. This is not music to cause wounds from a mosh pit or the loss of consciousness from a sonic assault but it is quality honest music that given the chance will please and satisfy in huge amounts.

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