Born Of Osiris - The DiscoveryBorn of Osiris is a six piece metal outfit hailing from the suburbs of Chicago. “The Discovery” marks the second full length release by these progressive metal heads. A variety of name and personnel changes have been a part of Born of Osiris’s history but the current line up appears to be the mix that was needed to discover their sound. One can certainly hear that the Chi-Town boys have really started to musically mature compared to their previous release, “A Higher Place”.

“The Discovery” starts with the inhuman growl ‘Follow the Signs’… which could not be more appropriate for a release opener. The signs are here for all of us to follow to progressive greatness. The driving thunderstorm of riffs and beats are accompanied into the world by spot on vocals and some rather bold yet extremely creative keyboard work by Joe Buras. The starts and stops in this opener and the precision with which they are executed gives me a real Gojira feeling and then there are those keyboard layers just adding fuel to this firestorm. The stage is set for ‘Singularity’ and some amazing opening guitar work. In some mathematical sense a singularity is a point where things go to infinity and that could not be a better description. The guitar work in this track simply goes to infinity and then some. Bass, drums, and keyboard help to weave the basic fabric of the sound but for me the guitars really take a center stage here.

This metal onslaught rolls through each track with a furious yet with perfectly executed meaning and timing. ‘Ascension’, ‘Devastate’, ‘Recreate’ are all filled with brutal beats, meaty guitar riffs, those damn creative keyboard accents, and topped with lead and back-up vocals screamed in perfect tone with the elements of each track. ‘Regenerate’ and the opening track, ‘Follow the Signs’, are my personal favorites are here. The whole release is packed with metal heavy tracks but these two are definitely some of the more weighty ones. ‘Regenerate’ has struck a nice balance of riffing and solo work that in the end yields a tornado of assaulting notes.

Born of Osiris has struck real gold with “The Discovery”. The creative work of six individuals has collectively yielded pure progressive technical metal heaven. There are no standouts because they all standout here. Each member is at the soul of the music and without even one members contribution this would not be at the level that it is. This will appeal to both traditional and progressive metal fans and is meant to be enjoyed by all. Born of Osiris is really hitting their stride here and I can hardly wait to hear what may be in store for us next! Job Well Done!

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