Black Tide - Post MortemI have waited a long time for the follow up to “Light From Above”. “Light From Above” hit the stage in 2008 and surprised the music community given the age of the band members at the time. So when I had the chance to review the Black Tide release I jumped at it? So what does this Miami based band have to offer for their second follow up album “Post Mortem”?

“Post Mortem” starts out with ‘Ashes’ which has Matt Tuck from Bullet For My Valentine guesting on the track. The music is well executed but lacks some of the power and metal edge of their previous release. As with the second track ‘Bury Me’, again very well executed, the notes, beats, and riffs are all there and well played it seems to lack a certain punch quality. This release certainly has commercial appeal and some of the radio stations are giving the songs a lot of air play but this commercial appeal seems to be at the cost of the power and emotion delivered on their first release.

Their young age and skill certainly set them apart in 2008 but they seemed to have fallen in the commercial line with this release. The track ‘Let It Out’, a nice catchy tune but there is really nothing metal here. It is a radio friendly hard rock paced track, it may garner a lot of attention but it certainly is not the “Shockwave” I was prepared for. The solo on ‘Let It Out’ gives us a glimpse of their skill and almost takes us back but alas the overly melodic chorus reminds us of the present. The real low point on the release comes at the very end with an acoustic ballad, don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with acoustic work and ballads but this one is overdone to the nth degree. Overdone, meaning the lyrics are hitting you over the head with the message rather than taking the subtle approach. A song that sneaks up on you with the message carries more emotion and power, song lyrics that come out and hit you over the head with their message just get overly sappy.

There is a high point and a glimpse of some real song writing and playing of past. ‘Walking Dead Man’ is packed with power and emotion. Its a great hard driving song, with melodic parts that are well placed. It is good to see that Black Tide haven’t lost some of their flair that they have displayed in the past.

Although a personal disappointment for me, this release certainly will garner the Floridians some commercial success. The songs are well played and the music is very radio friendly it just lacks some of the brash in your face metal that I was expecting. Black Tide took a wildly different direction on this release compared to “Light From Above” and I wish them well on their journey and lets hope at some point they take the road less traveled and get back to pure raw metal.

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