During the height of festival season, we found ourselves chilling backstage at Knebworth, catching up with Fozzy’s flamboyant six stringer Billy Grey, discussing his Big 4, Dangerous New Machine and who could be next on the cards for a Fozzy collaboration.

Hey Billy mate, how’s it going? How does it feel to be here at Sonisphere Knebworth, such a prestigeous venue?

Dude, it feels great. It feels almost like a once in a lifetime chance to do something like this. Hopefully it wont be once in a lifetime though (laughing), but it’s kind of like that.

Yeah, we understand what you mean. I mean you’ve played a number of shows round here, some smaller shows and a few big festivals. Which do you prefer, the festivals or the intimate venues?

Well you know, I knda like a little bit of both. I mean with the festivals you get the full on freaking thousands of people, and when you do the smaller venues is much more intimate and you get to be more in their face. I like ’em both dude.

Just living off the energy eh?

Exactly, there you go, there you go.

So we’re at Sonisphere at the moment, and this year has pretty much all been about The Big 4. With that in mind who would be your Big 4?

My Big 4, God that’s a hard one man. I gotta throw Van Halen in there. I gotta throw Ozzy in there, let’s see, let me think about this because that’s a good question. You know for metal, you’ve got to throw Iron Maiden in there, and I’d keep Metallica, I gotta say. They’re the top of the heap right now.

That’d be an awesome line up.

Yeah, that’d be the the shit!

In the scheduling though, you’re up against a a comedian.

Yeah Bill Bailey right. Hopefully our guitars will drown him out. I mean good luck to him, but hopefully our guitars will just drown him out (laughing) and everyone will make there way over to the Fozzy stage.

Well we’ll definitely be there. Just talking about Chasing The Grail, that’s been re-packaged, remastered and what have you and put out with the live album. What’s the thinking behind that?

Erm, they wanted to release “All That Remains Live”, so they did a package deal for the fans where you get one of them for free, you know with the price.

What about new stuff?

New stuff we will be working on probably after… we got a few more tours coming up. We’re doing another Canada run in October, we’re then coming back to the UK in November [Dates and venues below] and we’ll then start to get to work on the new stuff.

Is it difficult to get together. I mean with Jericho doing his day job, Rich doing the Adrenaline Mob stuff you know you all have other things going on, does it make it difficult being a band?

You know we all have our things. Like you said they have their things and I have a band called Dangerous New Machine which has a record out in the States you know. We tour a lot. So we all try to make it work and come together. I mean going into the future it probably wont be as difficult as Fozzy’s been really busy and we’re really trying to make it happen.

Yeah it seems to have gone ballistic with Chasing The Grail.

Yes, definitely.

But talking about Dangerous New Machine, have you got any plans to bring them over here?

Yes, I’d love to bring them over here. Our plans are to make it over here in the Spring of 2012 hopefully. Like I said we have an album out in the States, and I’m sure you can search it out on the web and what have you. It’s called Dangerous New Machine and we’d love to come over here. As a matter of fact our drummer is British.

Brilliant, something to look forward to then. The other thing people have been talking about lately is the Lou-Tallica; Metallica, Lou Reed collaboration. Now you guys have borrowed a number of people in the past, is there anyone you haven’t yet played with that you would like to collaborate with? I mean you’ve had Zakk…

Yeah Zakk Wylde, Mark Tremonti, Jeff Waters

Yeah exactly, so who’s next in line?

I’ll tell you that’s a hard one too, who’s next in line? I mean as far as vocalists it would be great to have Bruce Dickinson come in there and do something. That would awesome. That’d be my favourite thing to happen.

Would Chris Jericho be put out by that?

Nah, I don’t know about that I mean he loves Bruce Dickinson too. I think he would really enjoy him coming along too.

Well I think with your hectic schedule we’ll leave it on that note. Thanks ever so much for taking time to talk to us. It’s been great talking with you and good luck.

Awesome, it’s been a pleasure we’ll catch up again soon, you take care.



Catch Fozzy on tour in the UK in November 2011 on the following dates:
2nd READING – Sub 89
3rd SOUTHAMPTON – Talking Heads
4th CARDIFF – CF10
5th COVENTRY – Kasbah
6th LEEDS – The Well
7th NOTTINGHAM – Rock City Basement
8th GLASGOW – Cathouse
9th YORK – Fibbers
10th WREXHAM – Central Station
11th PLYMOUTH – White Rabbit
13th BRIGHTON – Concorde 2

Image courtesy of Mark Latham