When it comes to to combining virtuoso instrumental skills with unpredictable and unorthodox compositions few do it better than Between The Buried And Me. They’ve released five full length albums so far. I was really impressed by their last two records, namely Colors (2007) and The Great Misdirect (2009). Now BTBAM are back with a brand new effort, entitled The Parallax: Sleep Dialogues. Let’s see what they bring to the table this time.

The music on The Parallax: Sleep Dialogues is just as enigmatic, unpredictable and unorthodox as the title suggests. With just around thirty minutes of music it’s a rather short affair, certainly for Between The Buried And Me standards. On the other side ‘Specular Reflection’, ‘Augment Of Rebirth’ and ‘Lunar Wilderness’ contains at least five albums worth of ideas for conventional bands.

Yet the whole rollercoaster of ideas that is The Parallax: Sleep Dialogues never becomes overwhelming. That’s wherein the main quality of BTBAM lays, namely the seamless ability to fuse elements from jazz, fusion, progressive rock/metal and a host of other influences together and actually make it flow. This in combination with intelligent and adventurous arrangements makes this album a true winner.

Unlike Dream Theater and Opeth I don’t get the feeling that Between The Buried And Me have reached their creative pinnacle yet. The Parallax: Sleep Dialogues is clear evidence that BTBAM are one of the most remarkable bands of this decade.

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